Statistic on impact of negative people in an organization.


It is often than not that there are negative people who subtly creates a negative environment in our work place. And there are team members in a project that would demoralize other team members by bringing up some negative thoughts to an issue without giving any solutions to overcome it or by giving a lot of excuses for not wanting to move forward on the works which have been planned. Let’s see the statistic on how this behavior impact an organization as a whole:

  1. 4 in 5 employees believes that a toxic employee is “extremely debilitating” to team morale.

  2. 80% of employees believe organizations are somewhat or extremely tolerant of toxic employees.

  3. 17% of managers’ time is spent dealing with subpar employees- almost a full day each week.

  4. The most common traits of negative employees are:
    1. 41% Bad attitudes
    2. 11% Blames others
    3. 10% Gossips
    4. 6% Laziness

Sources: Toxic Employees Survey, Fierce Inc., 2015: Society for Human Resource Management, 2015

Be careful, we might be one of the bad apple. Therefore, to understand the situation and the impact of the negative behavior is the first step of our self-improvement and project delivery success.


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