When your boss asks you to do something…

Usually, when your boss or your superior ask you to do some works or to initiate a project, how are you going to start?

What are the strategies to initiate it effectively?

To be an effective junior executives or managers, these are the things that you need take into accounts when your boss or superior asks you do some works or to initiate a project:

  1. What is the scope of the work or project that is given to you?
  2. How long is the time given to you to complete this task?
  3. How much is the budget allocated for this work?
  4. Who are the people in the company will involve in this work?
  5. Who are the external parties that you need to deal with?
  6. Who are the influential and powerful people that you need to work with?
  7. How do you plan to effectively communicate with all of these people?
  8. Is there any existing business process in order to execute this work?
  9. Is there any forms or templates that you need to fill up?
  10. What are the risk in executing this work?
  11. What are the constraints incurred for this work?
  12. What is the measurable success criteria for you to complete this work or project?
  13. Is the culture of this company cooperatively supporting this kind of work?
  14. Is there any hidden agenda from any other executives that might impede the success of this work completion?
  15. How are the political games happening in your company? Can you leverage on them to support your work for achieving the objectives?

Your boss might not know all of the answers either, however you have to have your own initiatives to find them for yourself. If some of the questions are not relevant to that work, then just skip it and go to the next question. The point no. 13, 14 am 15 might need you to stay longer in the company, for you to understand the ins and outs of your organization behaviour.

The list might be longer that this, however, these basic questions will be able to help you to strategies your work thoroughly and able to reflect your management skill maturity among your colleagues and to your upper management. You will be seen as a brilliant and outstanding employee by showing your ability to think ahead and plan properly.

Start being a brilliant executive now!

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